The combination of man and woman. 

"Richard and Valentine"

Richard Valentine is a luxury clothing brand founded in 2014 by Achraf and Amber. 

Achraf has been in the edification of textile since young and he always has a dream of creating his own fashion brand. 

Thanks to his wife Amber, a dancer and choreographer who is the source of the inspiration through the artistic side for Achraf.

Together they founded their own luxury brand: “Richard Valentine”.

Some twenty years ago, Achraf accompanied his father, a textile merchant, in the shops of the "Sentier" in Paris. Anxious about his looks and always elegant, he finds himself quickly decked out with the nickname "Richard"

As for Valentine, it's "robustness and femininity".

A tribute to the man and the woman "Amber and Achraf" 

It is also a tribute to this couple: Richard vs.Valentine. “Love, strength, power and robustness”.

Richard Valentine is a brand "man" that is also available in women to give a cloakroom unisex. Richard Valentine breaks the dictates of fashion and wants to be:


The Strength of the brand: “The Quality”

The creator specialized in textile manufacturing for major brands possesses a know-how and a unique knowledge of materials.

Quality and finish are the fundamental elements of the house, which is why we chose the best factories in France for leather and mesh, and in Europe for jeans, T-shirts and other models. It is thanks to all this expertise that Richard Valentine claims to be a French luxury brand.

The most noble materials have been used for the collections, such as:

Loro Piana, Dipped Lambskin, Merino Wool, Combed Cotton, Velvet Suede, Sheepskin, Japanese Fabrics.

All the accessories are personalized with the brand's signature: Lion head buttons, hand-made embroidered 

badge with golden thread, Lampo zips (Best Italian supplier whose products are used by the biggest haute couture 

houses), with the initials of the brand, snap fastener to the initials of the brand.

A little gunmetal grey round plate, is affixed to each piece, engraved with the initials RV. 

For Richard Valentine, fashion is art. The stylist draws its inspiration through its travels and its daily life. Fashion is an art, creating or imagining a collection requires a lot of creativity: 

"It is architectural, theatrical, graphic".

"Art is the path to being spiritual."

Being a fan client of haute couture, the creator’s devise is:

« Do not imitate anything or anyone. Lion who imitates a lion becomes a monkey. »

Victor Hugo.

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